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sleiN13 06-28-2012 03:07 AM

Cal3D Normal handeling
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I've made some adjustments to the original vizard avatar package avatars but when I export them to cal3D the vertex normals seem to be wrong.

I've attached some screenshots of the avatars in Vizard. As you can see with the male the cheeks under the eyes seem to be very hard (sharp). With the female avatar this shows around the mouth.

In both cases I had to add new edges in the mesh and the normals seems to have taken on the wrong values. In 3ds max I can correct this with smoothing groups, normal editing and other techniques but all except smoothing group 1 seem to not be exported to the cal3d model. Atleast the changes are not shown in Vizard. I've also tested this by turning some normals 90 degrees to generate a extreem effect in 3ds max but this is never shown in Vizard.

Is there a other way to export the 3ds max set normals to cal3d? or are there ways to smooth the normals in vizard after import?

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