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S.Telemaque 04-01-2007 10:01 PM

Texturing Avatar head problems
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Can somebody help me ? I'm having problems with my avatars faces made on 3DMeNow. At first they are well done on 3DMeNow but I have to convert them in vRML97 format on 3DS MAX, I'm using MAX8. 3DMeNow generate 2 textures : 1 for avatar face Bio_UV_head and 1 for eyes, teeth and tongue Ett_texture. My problem is to apply these both texture on the 3DS MAX imported head. I don't know why but only one texture can be apply when I do a morph pose !!! See pics below.

Attachment 165

Attachment 166

Attachment 167

Attachment 168

Attachment 169

I've try many times to select mouth - teeth and tongue separately but it's really hard work to get inside the head and selected them separately....
Please help me, I have insuance date to finish these avatars to work with them in vizard for amination. Do you have a way to texture all the avatar head correctly please ???

Waiting for reply.... desperately.

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