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Vaquero 02-24-2016 12:29 PM

Live Characters for MotionBuilder 2016?
Are there any plans to release the Live Characters Plugin for MotionBuilder 2016?
We're stuck on MoBu2015 just because of the LiveCharacters pugin. Sometimes there are problems when trying to open FBX files in Mobu2015 that were saved in the newer Mobu2016 version.

Vaquero 09-06-2016 03:25 PM

So MotionBuilder 2017 is already around, but no new Live Characters plugin yet, not even for 2016.
Another question: Motionbuilder is available for Linux and I was wondering if there'd be a Linux version for Live Characters. I would then still have to run Vizard in Windows (or even Wine?), because there obviously is no Linux version around. But theoretically I would have to be able to connect to the Live Characters server, given the IP and port?

Vaquero 01-03-2017 10:37 AM

Is there any chance there will be a new Live Characters plugin for newer Motion Builder versions? I'm getting really annoyed by having to go back to Motionbuilder 2015 where some of my scripts from newer MotionBuilder versions won't work, just because Live Characters isn't receiving updates.

Vaquero 07-26-2017 10:52 AM

Now MotionBuilder 2018 was released... and still no update on this.

If I understand the Autodesk license terms correctly, we can't run MoBu2015 and newer versions in parallel:
»1.2.1 Effect of Upgrades. If Autodesk or a Reseller provides Licensee with an Upgrade to other Licensed Materials previously licensed to Licensee, the Licensed Materials previously licensed to Licensee and any other Autodesk Materials relating thereto will thereafter be deemed to be a “Previous Version.” Except as set forth in Section 1.2.2 (Exception for Relationship Program Licensees), the license grant and other rights with respect to any Previous Version will terminate one hundred twenty (120) days after Installation of the Upgrade. Within such one hundred twenty (120) day period, except as set forth in Section 1.2.2 (Exception for Relationship Program Licensees), (a) Licensee must cease all use of any Previous Version and Uninstall all copies of the Previous Version«

Veleno 07-28-2017 12:52 PM

Thanks for calling this to our attention. We've put together a new version of the plugin for MotionBuilder 2018 and earlier, which will be released asap once we've finished testing it.

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