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GR-14 06-07-2016 07:54 AM

PPT-studio 2013/cameras failures

I hope someone can help us.

We have a complete the 3-D Vizard Virtual Reality Software Toolkit,
and since few days, the PPT-studio 2013 did not visualize none of the 4 PPT-E cameras we have.

To try to understand the reason of these failures, we firstly checked
the DHCP server, the network card, the Switch and the calibration rig.
The DHCP assignes the IP to all 4 cameras and the network card linking cameras and the workstation shows a regular flow of exchange of data;
the Switch is new and works regularly; and, the calibration of the cameras also does not work (warning error message: "NONE of the cameras detects a working calibration rig").

Thanks ahead of time.


Jeff 06-07-2016 09:38 PM

This is being followed up through the support ticket.

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