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Aric 01-20-2015 04:37 PM

Finding button info over VRPN
I am installing 3rd party software on a system that already has PPT and Vizard installed. I have gotten the head and wand position tracking connected over VRPN but I cannot obtain the status of the buttons. The buttons work in Vizard. What are the correct VRPN client settings to get the button info, or where can I find the VRPN server information for this?

Jeff 01-22-2015 04:28 AM

On the VRPN client side, you need to specify the marker ID number assigned to the Wand in PPT, the PPT IP address or name, and port 8945. You must specify port 8945 since the Wand data is sent through a different port than the default VRPN port. For example, if the wand is marker ID '3' and the machine name is 'PPT_MACHINE' the following would be used in Vizard to get the data via VRPN:


joystick = vrpn.addAnalog('PPT_WAND3@PPT_MACHINE:8945')
button = vrpn.addButton('PPT_WAND3@PPT_MACHINE:8945')

Aric 02-03-2015 10:00 PM

Thanks, I was able to get it working with your help. I'm not sure why but the wand tracking was PPT0@PPT_MACHINE while the buttons are PPT_WAND3@PPT_MACHINE:8945

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