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michael8 10-17-2012 01:01 PM

Creating a real-time coordinate display using
I need instructions on how to create a realtime display of XYZ coordinates based on the AR coding at the following link:

the step by step use-case is as follows:

1) turn on tablet.
2) select app gui
3) app opens to camera view.
4)user points tablet at 1' by 1' ALL WHITE or ALL BLACK QR code square in the camera viewspace.
5)user is prompted for dimension of square.
6) user enters width=1'
7)user enters heighth=1'
8)user is prompted for values for X,Y,Z(1,1,1) of center of ALL WHITE or ALL BLACK QR code square in camera viewspace.
9) then user moves around 1' x 1' square, keeping the QR code in the camera viewspace, and a real-time display
of the X,Y,Z coordinates are displayed in the lower left corner of the viewspace.

so basically i need to use a simple target 1 foot by 1 foot and while im walking around it i dont see a 3D image on the QR tag but instead there is a heads up display on the screen in the corner giving me the realtime XYZ coordinates

any help would be appreciated! thanks.

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