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rajnishv 11-03-2016 03:18 AM

Issues during the png sequences
Hi Jeff,
We are trying to load alpha png sequence on to a 3D plane.
We have played alpha png sequence using a 'viztask.schedule(waterEffectTask())".
When the scheduler starts ,we are facing the issues:

1)Frame rate drops
2)Scene Renderer gets slow and lags behind

When i kill the scheduler,the scene renderer works properly without any lag.


def waterEffectTask():
while True:
global textQuad,imageNumber,waterSurface
waterTexture = viz.addTexture('./Renderoutput1/water/water'+str(imageNumber)+'.png')
yield viztask.waitTime(1)
print 'the value of image number',
if imageNumber==1701:

And i am calling the scheduler on proximity enter


Request you to pls assist on the issues and provide a solution for the same

Jeff 11-04-2016 01:21 PM

How many images are you loading and what is their resolution? Also, what is your graphics card model and how much memory does it have? You could try preloading all images into an array of textures at the beginning of the script if it does not exceed the GPU memory.

rajnishv 11-05-2016 04:50 AM

Issues during the png sequences
1 Attachment(s)
Thanx for the reply.

We have the following assets
1)4 sets where each sets have min 800 images in png format to be played on 3d plane.
2)Every single image is of 300x1280 resolution.
3)Every single set total memory comes around 400MB with the above mentioned resolution

We preloaded all the images into array of textures at the beginning of the script using a list.

Code:PFA of the script in this post.

We tested on 2GB GE Force GT 610 Graphics Card with only one set having 800 image sequences the frame rate comes down and becomes 28-34 when the sequence view becomes visible from frame rate 59 to 60.

We also have a single 11-12 GB Quadro K6000 Graphics Card.

1)Also does i have to remove the texture after applying to the plane before loading the next image.
2)I tested without removing the texture and just played on the plane.
The frame rate doesnt drops and looks good.

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