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rajnishv 06-27-2016 03:57 AM

Regarding viewpoint with vizconfig,addFloatRangeItem&Storing viewpoint in PREFERENCES
Hi Jeff,
I want to set the viewpoint via addFloatRangeItem functon as shown below.
and also viewpoint accepts many parameters, but confused how to used the viewpoint thru vizconnect.
my FOV is working as its only one single value.

And also if i m setting my viewpoint ,at that time when i close my vizard executed application,then i want to store that value in the PRERERENCES,so that when i executes or open my application,i should get the viewpoint restored of the last viewpoint before closing the application.
What and which module to use with vizard to get the shared preferences.

Code for Review:

#Create a configurable object for stereo settings
bc= vizconfig.BasicConfigurable('VR ViewPoint Setter')

bc.addFloatRangeItem('Set X viewpoint value',[0.5,10],fset=vizconnect.addViewpoint,fget=vizconnect.getV iewpoint)

#bc.addFloatRangeItem('Set Y viewpoint value',[0.5,10],fset=vizconnect.addViewpoint,fget=viz.MainWindow. getScreenDistance)
#bc.addFloatRangeItem('Set Z viewpoint value',[.5,10],fset=vizconnect.addViewpoint,fget=viz.MainWindow. getFusionDistance)

bc.addFloatRangeItem('Set Feild of View',[0.5,10],fset=viz.MainWindow.fov,fget=viz.MainWindow.getVe rticalFOV)

Waiting for ur reply

Thanx & Regards:

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma

VR Developer ar Xenium Digital Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai(Customer of World Viz)

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