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brystewa 09-18-2006 02:49 PM

Matlab and Vizard
I am new to Vizard and am looking to use matlab to communicate with Vizard. I have been using pymat with python 2.2 with no trouble. I understand that Vizard has went to Python 2.4. I have found nothing about pymat with Python 2.4. The closest thing I have done is put pymat.pyd in the VIZARD_PATH\bin and try to import pymat. I get

ImportError: Module use of python22.dll conflicts with this version of Python

This suggest to me that if I had the older version of Vizard, that is the one that used Python 2.2, I would be able to use pymat.

I have also tried using the and I get

*** Unable to register!
*** You probably have another Python installation!
** Load Time: 0.02 seconds

So I unistalled Everything that had to do with python (Vizard, Python22) and then I went to my registry and deleted anything that had .py or python. And I still get the same problem.

Anyone know how I can get the Vizard with Pythong 2.2 or any other suggestion would be great.


Gladsomebeast 09-18-2006 03:11 PM

Depending on how you are using matlab, you could try and do it all in Vizard with the Matplotlib python libriary. Check out this post:

You could also try recompiling pyMat with Python2.4's source.

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