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The problem of adding two .ive models
I made two models by 3DS Max (baked the texture) and then converted them into .ive using OSGExporter v0.9.8.

When I added the two models in vizard, I met a problem. If I first add model A, A is OK, but B model does not load well (it failed to load the right UVW file).

If I first add model B, then B is OK, but model A is loaded wrong. If I only add model A or model B, both are right.

The two model contain the same name of baked tga file. For example, the floor object in model A and model B both use the "floorcompletemap.tga", but the file is at different file folder. I will check this problem and then update the thread.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Thanks.

sleiN13 08-08-2011 12:04 AM

You could try to bake the .tga files into the .ive that way you can be sure that both object point to their texture file.

Just check the "include image data in binary ive"-box during export.

I've been using multiple models with the same textures baked into them for some time with out a problem.

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