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How to convert VRay material into Vizard?
Hi guys,

We need a photoreal interior model in our experiment. We used VRay to render the model. I learned the video of the knowledge base about how to bake materials in 3D Max. However, if we use vray material and vray light, the process of baking is quite different. I found some tutorials and used VRayCompleteMap instead of CompleteMap and then converted baked objects into IVE.

However, when I loaded the model in Vizard, I met two problems. First, the model is always stay in specific position of the screen like the button in Vizard. When I made a very simple box in 3D Max and then converted it into vizard, it is OK. I do not know where I set the wrong parameters. Could you give me some advice?

Another problem is that the texture was lost. From the knowledge base, I know that Vizard does not support VRay material. Is there any good method to convert the VRay model and could keep the original effect as much as possible(if we can not get the complete effect)?

Any help is appreicated! Thanks very much!

Jeff 01-08-2011 05:42 PM

About the model position, can you post the lines of code you used to add the model to the scene? Have you made sure you got the units correct for export? 01-10-2011 08:22 AM

Hi, Jeff, Thanks very much for your reply.
I export using the the units as it is illustrated. However, the model still can not be navigated. And the code in Vizard is very simple just as below:
import viz
room=viz.add('C:\\Users\\Hengshan\\Desktop\\3d max model\\for vizard\\test1.IVE')

I uploaded the 3ds file:
Thanks very much!

Veleno 01-10-2011 12:07 PM

Hi Hengshan,

Regarding baked textures not showing up in Vizard, make sure the map is being output to the diffuse of a Standard material. For additonal information, refer to this knowledge base article:

I also took a look at your file. You have a scale issue. All models in Max are stored in generic units, unrelated to any real-world scale. The "System Unit Scale" setting tells Max how to translate its internal units to real world sizes. This is why changing the system unit does not acutally rescale anything.

Create a box, and type in the values to make it 1 meter high, and you will see the problem.

To fix the scene, use the Rescale World Units utility. It will ask for a scale factor. This depends on what the System Unit Scale was originally set to. The simplest way to get the correct scale factor is to use Google. Searching for "inches to meters" will give the result "1 inches = 0.0254 meters", for example. 01-18-2011 09:14 AM

Hi Michael, Thanks very much for your reply. I have fixed the second problem of units.

As for the first problem, I have read the knowledge base article. However, when I use VRay material and bake them into standard material as self illustration. The effect is not as good as VRay. Does anyone has good idea about the conversion to make the effect as real as possible? Thanks very much!

BTW, I found a video in Youtobe about how to convert 3ds max model into vizard (, but I am not sure whether those texture materials are based on VRay. And could someone sent me the model please? I want to know how they make the texture. Any help are appreciated!


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