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rosanna 11-01-2004 04:39 PM

where has my mouth_open file gone?
I am trying to get a script with the .vzf avatars running under 2.17a which was running under 2.16b.

when I load it, I get an error message saying "warning morph does not exist: mouth_open".

So I looked at the .vzf files and there are open mouth morphs but they were generically named "morph". I've tried both renaming the correct morph as mouth_open and recreating the head and adding a new set of morphs with mouth_open as an option and nothing has worked.

Any ideas?


farshizzo 11-01-2004 04:52 PM


When you load your vzf file into PeopleMaker does the "mouth_open" morph show up in the morph toolbar?

rosanna 11-01-2004 05:03 PM

It did not in the original head but I've added morphs from other heads and seen the new mouth_open file appear. This head would not work.

I also tried to renaming the morph from the original head in People Maker -- naming the open mouth morph "mouth_open" instead of "morph" as it used to be. Not sure if you can do this but I figured it was worth a try.

Neither worked and now I am playing around with trying to create a new head and add new morphs.

Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated!


farshizzo 11-01-2004 05:09 PM


Could you send me the vzf file so that I can take a look at it here? My address is

rosanna 11-02-2004 10:25 AM

They are in your box now. Thanks so much!

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