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benelux 07-22-2004 11:44 AM

limits on number of objects
Hi, are there limits on the number of children linked to an object and on the total number of objects imported?

Right now I have 67 objects, and I encountered the following error while trying to add another child object:

the instruction at "0x0b060b55" referenced memory at "0x149bd000." The memory could not be "read."


farshizzo 07-22-2004 12:07 PM


There is a limit to the number of objects you can add, but it is way more than 67. Do you get the error message when you try to add a specific object, or when you reach 67 objects?

benelux 07-22-2004 12:36 PM

When I used viz.add, it seems to be working. However, when I try to attach the new object to an existing object with .addchild, I encountered that error.

That existing object already has several children, grandchildren, etc.

farshizzo 07-22-2004 01:26 PM


I tried to re-create your problem, but I don't get the error. If you want, you could email your script to, and I will take a look at the problem. Are the objects you are adding very big in terms of file size? If so, try replacing them with smaller files, just to make sure your system isn't running out of memory.

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