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Karma 07-01-2011 11:40 AM

Failed to connect to intersense

I am trying to set up a 2 camera PPT-X system and for some reason the cameras are not picking up the calibration rig.

I tried running this code

import viz

isense = viz.add('intersense.dls')

but I get this output

** Loading
intersense.dls                  Intersense Driver v4.0.4
** ERROR: Failed to connect to intersense on port 3.
** Load Time: 3.11 seconds

(the next part pops up when I close the test window)

InterSense Library ver. 4.04 32-bit
Copyright 1998-2007 InterSense Inc.
Tel: 781-541-6330

Looking for InterSense tracking device number 1.
Please wait ...
InterSense tracker not present

I saw a previous thread that said to check the port, but I think port 3 is the correct one to listen from.

At one point one of the camera was detecting the calibration rig but now it just looks like this.

Thanks for the help!

Jeff 07-01-2011 01:48 PM


The following code should autodetect the intersense using the newer intersense.dle plug-in:

import viz

gallery = viz.addChild('gallery.ive')

isense = viz.add('intersense.dle')
tracker = isense.addTracker(),isense)

You can also specify the port number in the addTracker command, it looks like it could be port 1:

tracker = isense.addTracker(port=1)
PPT Calibration

It appears there is no signal from the cameras, that's why they show red in PPT Studio. Verify everything is connected properly. If so and the cameras still appear red, contact for further assistance.

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