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rajnishv 03-14-2016 02:31 AM

Reagrding Vizconnect
Hi Jeff,
Good Aftern to u and team world viz.

Pls assist how to proceed.

1)Suppose i have 2 Vizconnects(1 with all grabber all presets configuration and other 2 vizconnect only with wand added in the input taab for only change of menu events)
-How to load a single vizconnect (from both of the above) dynamically one at a time,using the same single (Main Scene by default-Scene1)

-How to load 1st vizconnect(the one with only inputs(only wand) added in the advanced cofigurations added ) only in scene1 and to load other vizconnect with presets from advanced menu) in Scene 2.

Pls suggest a thread for targeting both the logics.
Waiting for ur replyy.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma

Developer(Mobile Apps,AR&VR)
Xenium Digital Pvt. Ltd,Mumbai(Customer of World Viz)

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