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sleiN13 11-19-2010 04:17 AM

Adding BumpMaps
I'm trying to add bumpmaps to a simple cube and ran into a few weird problems.
The vizard help file doesn't give a lot of results on 'bumpmap' so I wondered if I was doing it wrong.


cube = viz.add('Export//BumbmapCube.osg')
bumbmap = viz.add('Export//images//bumpmap_normalmap.jpg')
text = cube.getTexture()

This code works but it is strange that i need to get the texture and re-set it after applying the bumpmap else it is not shown in the world.

1. Is there a way to apply the bumpmap with out overwriting/removing the existing texture
2. Is there a more elegant way to add a bumpmap
3. Is there a file format that exports the bumpmaps added in 3DS max and/or Maya so that it does not have to be added later on in the Vizard code.

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