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PHart 05-08-2009 08:01 AM

Simple Head Tracker
Hey Folks,

my plan is as follows:
2 trackers should be enough for a simple head tracking (pitch, yaw).

One tracker (standpoint) is fixed over my head (or between my eyes), the other tracker (viewpoint) points at the direction I look at.

I linked the standpoint tracker with viz.MainView which works fine. But now I need to use the coordinates of my viewpoint tracker to define where I look at.

Sadly it didn't work with lookat( viewpoint.getData() ) or extracting viewpoints coordinates with viewpoint.getData() and using them as lookat x, y and z.

Do you guys have an ideas, experiences with that?

Thanks a lot!

Jeff 05-10-2009 05:35 PM

Instead of using the link you could use a timer and then set the orientation of the viewpoint with your yaw and pitch values from the two trackers.

def updateView():
        #Get your yaw and pitch values
        viz.MainView.setEuler([yaw, pitch, roll])

vizact.ontimer(0, updateView)

What are you using for trackers?

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