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performlabrit 04-17-2019 08:05 AM

Fill the Vive's FOV with textures from a rendernode attached to mainview
Hi folks,

I'm using the Vive and can't seem to calculate the field of view used by vizard for the stereo rendering. I need this along the binocluar and vertical directions.

Ultimately, I would like to render textures passed from a rendernode attached to the mainview onto a screen/rectangle that fills the person's FOV.

Success would look very much like the original stereo projection, except that the viewer is really viewing a monocular display similar to a rear-projected screen that is stable within the head's frame of reference. Togglign the alpha of the screen would have no major effects except add/remove stereo disparity information.

Example code below (for use with a Vive) that is lacking in two important ways:

- I must set the camera's field of view to match the binoc field of view used when rending for the vive

- I must set the height/width of the screen so that it matches the binc. field of view, overlapping with the stereoscopic field of view inside the Vive.


# Create render node for camera
cam = viz.addRenderNode()
#cam.fov = 100.0


# Get handle to screen object and apply video feed to it
screen = vizshape.addBox([1,1,0,])#,top=False,bottom=False,left=False,right=False,back=False)


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