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andrewjworz 07-13-2012 06:17 AM

VRPN problems ( Vizard 3.0 )
Hi, I'm trying to interface our infrared tracking equipment with the vrpn7.dle. In Vizard, the tracking data is written to a 1-dimensional array of length 8. I've calibrated the system ( iotracker ) and it seems to be working within their client. But the data which is received by vizard isn't correct.

I'm just wondering, should the vrpn plug-in have conflicts with Vizard 3.0? The only vrpn plug-in available for downloading off of the website was written for Vizard 4.0.


farshizzo 07-13-2012 09:04 AM

I'm not sure which plugin you downloaded, but the only VRPN plugin you should be using is the one that comes with Vizard installer.

Regarding the data being incorrect, can you be more specific? The VRPN plugin should return the raw values it receives from VRPN. Are you getting any timeout error messages in the output window?

Also, for 6DOF tracking data you can use the following sensor methods to access the data, instead of using the raw linear array:

sensor = vrpn.addTracker(...)
pos = sensor.getPosition()
quat = sensor.getQuat()
euler = sensor.getEuler()
axisAngle = sensor.getAxisAngle()
matrix = sensor.getMatrix()

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