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envi253 06-04-2015 10:12 AM

Trouble Exporting OSGB Animations via Sequence Helper (3Ds Max)
Hello Guys,
I have trouble understanding the animations of OSGB within 3Ds Max.

I did what this Tutorial told me:

For the OSGB Sequence Helper where i would define the "Sequence Objects" i can choose between "Sample Geometry" and "Sequence Geometry" and both of them have a greyed out "NONE" and i have no option to choose the object i want to animate. What am i doing wrong?

Iam using 3Ds Max 2015.

Best regards

Veleno 06-05-2015 11:31 AM

Hi envi253,

I just tested making an OSG Sequence in Max 2015 and was able to add objects, but I think I may have figured out where you're going wrong.

When using the helper are you trying to add the object from the Create tab or Modify Tab? When placing the helper in the scene, I noticed that while the button for selecting objects in the Create Tab were grayed out as you describe, and switching to the modify tab allowed me to add my animated object. Let me know if this solves your problem.

OSG Sequence works by taking a snapshot of your object at every frame and swapping between them, it should be used very sparingly. OSG Sequence animations often run slowly with more detailed models, and long animations can easily result in very large file sizes. An untextured model that would normally take up 1MB when static will take up 100MB with a 100 frame OSG sequence, because 100 variations of it are being stored. Because of the potential for lag, you also cannot rely on an OSG Sequence animation to stay synced up with audio.

Ideally it should only be used with very low poly models with short complex animations that cannot be reproduced with any other method (bones, morph targets, object level transforms) where audio syncing is not going to be an issue.

Also, be careful when using OSG Helpers - some of them are out of date and can cause instability in Max.

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