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M@rcello 06-08-2016 08:50 AM

Drop Down menu
Hello to everyone,
I am trying to build a drop down menu in vizard.
This is the code:
HTML Code:

import viz
import vizdlg


#Create main menu object
import vizmenu
menu = vizmenu.add()
#Align the menu in the enter of the top of the screen.
menu.setAlignment( vizmenu.CENTER )
#Add two pop-downs menus within the main menu.
AppearanceMenu = menu.add( 'Appearance' )
Ball1Menu = menu.add( 'Ball 1' )

#Add a droplist to one of the pop-downs.
themeDropDown = AppearanceMenu.add( viz.DROPLIST, 'Theme' )
themeDropDown.addItems( ['Default','Dark','Green'] )

#Add sub-menu under the Ball1 menu and put radio buttons in it.
Ball1ColorMenu = Ball1Menu.add( vizmenu.MENU, 'Color' )
Ball1Red = Ball1ColorMenu.add( viz.RADIO, 0, 'Red' )
Ball1White = Ball1ColorMenu.add( viz.RADIO, 0, 'White' )
Ball1Blue = Ball1ColorMenu.add( viz.RADIO, 0, 'Blue' )
#Add another sub-menu to the Ball1 menu for a slider.
Ball1SizeSlider = Ball1Menu.add( viz.SLIDER, 'Size' )

In the menu i can set the color and size of the ball. I would like to have a button to confirm the properties and insert immediately a ball with that color and size.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff 06-14-2016 03:45 AM

You could add a button or button label:


button = Ball1Menu.add(viz.BUTTON,'Submit')
buttonLabel = Ball1Menu.add(viz.BUTTON_LABEL,'Submit')

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