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JudithVerstegen 04-08-2016 07:12 AM

nested tabpanel

I am trying to make a tabpanel, in which one of the panels is also a tabpanel, i.e. a nested tabpanel. But something strange happens with the alignment. When I run the code below, at first the panels are aligned on the lower right of the main panel. Only once I have clicked each one of them, they shift towards the upper left. I want them aligned upper left from the start. I am using Vizard 5.3 64-bit.


import viz
import vizdlg


menu = vizdlg.TabPanel()
submenu = vizdlg.TabPanel()
for aTabNr in range(1,5):
    panel = viz.addTexQuad(size=150)
    submenu.addPanel(str(aTabNr), panel, align=vizdlg.ALIGN_LEFT_TOP)

menu.addPanel('subMenu', submenu, align=vizdlg.ALIGN_LEFT_TOP), menu, offset=(-300,-50,0))

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