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shivanangel 01-23-2007 09:29 PM

At my Whits end with Cal 3D Exporter

I'm at my whit's end with this exporter for max 9.
I can not seem to get max to recognize it at all.

I download the cal3D exporter from your site, which gives
me a single file called:


I've tried throwing this file in my plugin directory,
in the vizard R3 plugin directory and linking through the max plugin.ini
tried taking the old zip file from the other cal3d exporter and renaming
it to match to get this thing to work.

But every time I try I get the same problem...

Loading DLLs error

DLL failed to initialize.
Error code: 126 - THe specified module could not be found.

Now thats a linking error someplace right?

I've tried this in both max 8 and now 9 and nothing seems to work.

What am I doing wrong? This is a huge bottle neck for me!

Thank You anyone who can solve my problem,
(I know I must be doing something stupid)

George Lecakes
Rowan University

Gladsomebeast 01-29-2007 11:16 AM

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You need to point max to the cal3d.dll file. This file is included in the cal3d files under the 3D Model Exporters second of the Vizard download page. You would have to copy in the Max 9 cal3d exporter file if you want Max 9 support.

I went ahead and made a zip contianing all the files you need and attached it to this post. Sorry about this confusition.

cade_mccall 01-30-2007 12:19 PM

I'm getting the same error with Max 8. I downloaded the cal3d_max8_exporter.dle for R3 from the web site and put it in the Max plugins folder. Then I put a cal3d.dll file in there. I wasn't sure which cal3d.dll to use (there wasn't one included in the download), so I tried the one that you included in the zip file above, the one that's in the R3 bin, and the one that came with R2.53. None of these worked. Any ideas?

farshizzo 01-30-2007 12:32 PM

You need to place cal3d.dll in the same directory as the 3dsmax executable, NOT in the plugins directory.

farshizzo 01-30-2007 03:48 PM

Hey Cade,

I just created an installer for the Cal3d exporter, similar to the one for OSGExp. It's on the downloads page under "Vizard 3.0 Beta Exporters". Could you try it out on your machine and let me know how it goes?

k_iwan 02-01-2007 07:55 PM

The installer works well for me :D
Thank You for doing it.

Macquarie University

auntymable 02-25-2007 04:00 PM

Thankyou! that installer works perfectly! :D :D :D

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