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FlyingWren 10-10-2003 01:23 PM

identity crisis
This isn't so much about Vizard software, but...

I would like if there were a list somewhere describing the people at WorldViz & their duties, along with their handles on the message board. For some time, I couldn't tell who was who :)

mspusch 10-10-2003 10:01 PM


I guess it's the nature of a message board that everybody just reveals as much as he feels like about himself and his interests in the software. However, I find it a good idea to say a couple words about me and my role at WorldViz:

My background is both engineering and psychology and I have two degrees from German universities. I first played with Vizard five years ago when it was still called VRUT and running on an Unix workstation at one of the UCSB labs. Since then I've used VRUT when doing studies in Psychology and got more and more excited about it's concept and possibilities for applications. When Andy Beall, the original creator of VRUT started WorldViz, I joined as a co-founder.

I'm currently mostly doing technical sales and handling general technical and hardware inquiries.

Feel free to always contact me directly at


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