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alvinadi 12-12-2011 03:28 AM

.osg biped avatar problem
Hi all,

I just create a biped avatar and put the animation file by using 3DS max, I export it to .osg file and open it with vizard, but only the bone is moving and the avatar is only static. Do u guys have any idea how to fix this problem?


Jeff 12-12-2011 07:00 PM

Using the OSG format for a character with bones and animations will not work. Vizard supports the Cal3D avatar format. The Cal3D exporter for Max is available from the WorldViz download page. This Cal3D tutorial describes how to use the exporter.

alvinadi 12-16-2011 01:24 AM

I tried to use the Cal3D format and the link that u gave me, but I dont know how to separate the mesh of the avatar body part before i assign it to the bone corresponding bone. Do u have any tutorial for separating the avatar body mesh?

Veleno 12-20-2011 10:29 AM

Hi alvinadi,

Though the tutorial shows a model that has been split up into multiple parts, this is not a requirement of exporting. You can use as few or as many different parts as you want in the model.

If you did need to export the model in parts, the most straightforward way to do it would be to:
-detach any parts you want separated from an unskinned model
-select all the parts
-add a Skin modifier

A second way to do it with an already skinned model involves selection sets, and cloning.

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