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Gladsomebeast 03-03-2005 03:12 PM

Vizard 2.51 beta testing questions
As requested, I am currently verifying the features and fixes stated in the Vizard 2.51 release notes and had some questions:

1. Where can I get the Stickydots plug-in?

2. What specific functions in the API have been modified to extend visinfo’s functionality regarding the clustering of multiple user-interface elements?

Bug Fixes:
For each of fixes mentioned in the 2.51 release notes, what are the steps to reproduce the problem in version 2.5?

Paul E.

farshizzo 03-03-2005 04:04 PM

1) I believe this will be made available on the download page in the future.

2) The add function has been added to allow clustering of multiple UI objects.

- Fixed texture problem with multiple windows and viewpoints
There was a problem with textures when an avatar was added to a simulation with multiple windows and viewpoints. Adding text to the scene also added to the problem.

- Fixed problem of adding On-The-Fly objects to nodes that belong to the screen.
This was a somewhat obscure bug that occured when adding an OTF object as a child of another object that was attached to the screen. Modifying the vertex position of the OTF object in this case would be inaccurate.

- Fixed setting the color and alpha for On-The-Fly objects
The .color and .alpha commands would have not effect on OTF objects.

- Fixed stage error which would sometimes cause a crash when manipuating objects
This was a bug that would cause the Vizard GUI to crash. Here are the basic steps to reproduce the problem:
1)Select an item in the stage
2)Manually edit one of the fields in the property window, but don't press enter
3) Select another object in the stage
4) Manually edit one of the fields in the property window. This should cause a crash

Gladsomebeast 03-03-2005 05:09 PM

Hey thanks, your respone was very helpful.

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