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david 12-12-2003 01:21 AM


I tried using the link function for a viewpoint doing what is in the help (something like:
but I get a error message stating that link() requires 3 arguments (2 given). What is the 3rd argument?


farshizzo 12-12-2003 10:34 AM

Hi David,

Just pass in 0 as the second argument. In the current version you don't need to do this, you might have an older version.

david 12-12-2003 12:55 PM

need more explanations
Thanks for your answer Farshizzo but I still don't understand.

I ran the following lines:

headTrack = viz.addsensor('is600')
#is600 is a custom plug-in that can track two sensors
headView = viz.add(viz.VIEWPOINT),0)

And I got the error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 2, in ?
File "", line 13, in ?,0)
File "C:\Program Files\Vizard20\", line 1354, in link
_ipcSend(_VIZ_LINKVIEW,,sensor,id,'',mask,0 ,0,0)
TypeError: function takes exactly 8 arguments (9 given)

Then I tried putting the mask argument (0) first and tried the following script. But apparently the HEAD_LOOK vector is not updating, and I only get the vectors [0,0,1,0] over and over again.

import viz

headTrack = viz.addsensor('is600')
# Uses only 3 dof to prevent drifting of the scene
# To switch back to 6 dof use command(1)
handTrack = viz.addsensor('is600')

headView = viz.add(viz.VIEWPOINT),headTrack)

handView = viz.add(viz.VIEWPOINT),handTrack)

def test(t):
vect = headView.get(viz.HEAD_LOOK)
print 'headLook',vect
vect = handView.get(viz.HEAD_LOOK)
print 'handLook',vect


david 12-12-2003 12:59 PM

I checked my version of vizard and it seems to be the most up to date... 2.12

farshizzo 12-12-2003 01:04 PM

Hi David,

Thanks for including the error message, there is a typo in The following line:

should be changed to:

_ipcSend(_VIZ_LINKVIEW,,,'',mask,0,0,0) is in the main vizard directory. After you change this line, save the file and restart vizard. Your problem should be fixed then. Sorry for all the trouble.

david 12-12-2003 03:14 PM

It seems to be working. Thanks!
I still have to test with the sensors connected, but it should work. At least I do not get a compilation error


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