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yak 07-21-2009 12:22 PM

adding more than 1 action for avatar animation slider control

import viz

#Initialize avatar
male = viz.add('vcc_male.cfg')

ANIM = 6
DUR = male.getDuration(ANIM)

#Start animation
male.setAnimationSpeed(ANIM,0) #Speed must be set after animation is executed

#Use slider to modify animation time
slider = viz.addSlider(pos=(0.5,0.1,0))
def myslider(pos):

this is a code that controls the speed of the avater's action by using a slider. what I want to do is have teh avatar perform more than one action . maybe press the 'p' key on the keyboard and that will get eh avatar to pick something up and i can control its speed or press the 'w' to walk and i can control the speed of walking by the same slider control. I tried adding multiple sliders that control different anumation actions but most of tha actions all blend together and cause a glitch....any suggestions....


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