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shivanangel 12-28-2020 12:19 PM

Failure to Unregister License
I am attempting to move a license from one of our old computers to a new one.
Specifically, it is a license for Vizard 5 Enterprise 32-bit version.
When I attempt to unregister the license I get an error dialog message that says:
Cannot write key information.

The Register Vizard window then says:
Failed to unregister license.

Is there a way for me to transfer the license to my new machine?
I'm trying to complete my dissertation on VR and several of the examples are WorldViz demonstrations I created from the last 20 years. Being able to migrate the license to a different computer would help considerably in preparing my material.

Dan_Tinkham 05-13-2021 03:58 PM

Hi shivanangel,

Thanks for posting on our forum. Please contact if you need to move you license as they will unregister it from your current machine and allow you to re-register on a new machine.

Hope this helps!

Dan Tinkham, WV Sales

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