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Frankenstein 08-08-2011 04:52 AM

HMD- Support
Hi all,

we want to buy an HMD and use it with Vizard. Trying to keep it simple, we want to ask you which brands/models are directly supported by Vizard 4.0? Thanx!


mspusch 08-08-2011 04:55 PM

hi there,

the vizard side of the answer is simple, Vizard pretty much supports all HMDs on the market, so no problems from the Vizard side.

as far as the HMD choice goes, it would be good if you could email shortly to and someone can get in the loop with you there directly.

there are many different HMDs on the market, and most of them have some pro-s and con-s and might be very good for one purpose and maybe not as good for another purpose.
so picking the right HMD is sometimes a bit more involved and depends on your research (?) goals, as well as how much money you are able / willing to spend.

all best,


Frankenstein 08-10-2011 08:11 AM

Thanks, Matthias ;-) We want to buy an Envis HMD, either the one with the 110 FOV, or the one with 50 FOV. For research reasons, it would be better to use a wider FOV, but I know that these are quite heavy, and participants are distracted/frustrated by headache in longer experiments. So actually data might be better with a smaller FOV, and longer experiments may be possible. So is there a direct support for Envis HMD's in Vizard?

mspusch 08-12-2011 04:27 AM

hi julia,

all nvis HMDs are supported natively in Vizard.

we have many customers who use either the sx60 or the sx111 successfully.

as you said, the sx111 has wider field of view but is heavier.

in general i would say, if you NEED the wide field of view (in research for social interactive studies, in industry for architectural applications), then the sx111 is your best bet.

if your studies only focus on interaction on what you are looking at / what is in front of you, then the sx60 is a very good choice.

but that's only my personal opinion, and opinions on HMDs vary a lot between people.

all best,


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