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hosier 06-29-2009 10:10 AM

vizmenu tweak
I was wondering if anybody has done or knows how to tweak vizmenu as I describe below.

In my program I've decided to leave up the menu all the time, as some people didn't get the concept of hovering over it to bring it up. So, I've set autohide to off for the overall menu bar.

One of my drop down menus kicks off an action, and because the drop down doesn't go away until you click somewhere outside of the menu, you didn't always see the action. I've changed that by adding a setVisible to off for that particular dropdown menu it the function that handles that menu. Now the menu goes away as soon as a button is selected, and all is well.

What that menu does is select a model to allow the user to move, rotate and get information about the selected model. Originally I used the arrow keys to move the model up,down,left and right, but of course everybody tries to use the mouse to do this, even though they are presented with instructions when the program begins that tells them to use the arrow keys.

Using some drag code I found in and old forum post, I've added dragging of the model using the left mouse button (the right button currently controls rotation).

The problem I'm having is that since I'm not autohiding the menu and have just performed the setvisible to off on the one drop down menu, the menu system still has the left mouse button bound for 1 click like you'd normally have to do to close the menu. When the mouse button is clicked the second time, then my left mouse button handler is called.

Is there someway in vizmenu to clear/reset the state or make it think the left mouse button has been clicked so that its handler isn't called? I do know that if I hide the entire menu bar with a setvisible, the state is cleared out, but I'd really like to leave the menu up at all times. I did try setting the menu not visible and then visible again, but with the same result.

If not, then I'll leave it using the arrow keys or maybe use some right mouse key combo to select between moving and rotating.



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