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fordprefect 03-04-2014 02:40 AM

Python script latency after exiting when using InterSense IC2+
When ending a Worldviz simulation script (started from IDE) the graphics window is closed, but the file name tab in the IDE remains green. Indicating that the script is still running. It stays this way for over a minute where Vizard is obviously waiting for the Intersense plugin to stop. When trying to restart the script a dialog pops up that tells us that the script is still executing and whether to kill it, show the window (which does nothing when selected) or run another instance. Similar happens when starting the script directly from explorer.

We experienced this problem already last year, when installing Vizard 4.07 on new simulation clients (using the shipped InterSense plugin V4.2381, the latest released from InterSense). Our solution then was to step back to the older version 4.2110 of the plugin.

As we're using the 64-bit flavor of Vizard 5 we could not just copy the isense.dll from Vizard's 4 bin folder. So we had to download the 64bit-version of isense.dll (v4.2110) from That did the trick again and the script shuts down completely without annoying latency.

That said, this behaviour only occurs on the said new simulation clients, on our older workstations it runs without latency.
(new: Intel HM77 chipset, i7 CPU || old: Intel QM67 chipset, i7 CPU).
We also tried all available USB2 and USB3 Ports, different BIOS settings but did not get v4.2381 to work properly. We are using InterSense InertiaCube 2+ with RS232 to USB Converter Rev.2

Hope this solution works for you too

As we encountered the problem before, what is the reason to ship the faulty 4.2381 with Vizard 5 again?
What is InterSense's response to this problem?
What is the advantage of 4.2381 over 4.2110?
Would it be better to ship the previous isense.dll with Vizard5?

Best Regards, Walter

Jeff 03-18-2014 11:58 PM

Thanks again for the detailed bug report. This is very helpful in assisting us sort out issues with the isense.dll and Vizard.

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