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vr_boyko 01-06-2005 11:00 PM

Vizard Crashes: causes are hard to determine, possible problem with the viz code
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I am programming a networked collaborative virtual environment with Vizard. My script is experiencing two big problems:

a texture anomaly occuring when a secondary "Picture-in-Picture" window is set to visible (problem can be seen in the JPEGs named PIPbefore and PIPafter) this issue was discussed in two previous posts:


but still persists, despite the (temporary) fix described in the first post

and more importantly, my script completely crashes in the event when the user rotates his/her head while controlling the joystick-drivven user interface (implemented using the sid library) as all the data of head orientation and interface state is being sent over the network to the other user with whom he/she is collaborating. A sreenshot of the windows crash manager dialog boxes is in the ZIP file attached (name is Vizard_Crash) along with a text file specifying the dlls connected to the crash (in ErrorLog.txt)

After re-writing the code and re-checking a second time, I am convinced that the problems are not solely within my code, but are the result of commands that disturb the expected working order of Vizard, which in turn crashes windows. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix the problems described above, including trying out a modified version of Vizard which can handle the tasks which my script throws at it ... currently I am using Vizard 2.17a, and after checking the abbreviated changelog, I am not sure if trying version 2.5 will help with my problems.

Thanks in advance!

farshizzo 01-07-2005 10:52 AM


We've also experienced the texture anomaly when using sub-windows. The problem is fixed and will be available in the next update/release. Regarding the crash, can you supply me with a very basic script that reproduces it? Is the crash reliable? Does it always occur at the same spot? You can send any files directly to me at

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