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Vishav 11-17-2020 04:22 AM

Design a Virtual Keyboard
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Hi everyone,

I want to make a virtual keyboard for an application (sample is shown in the attached file). I also want when I press on any key that letter appears on the screen. Like for world 'H' if I click on should appear below. The attached file can give an idea. I was wondering if there is any way to do this.
Help with either problem would be appreciated.


Vishav 11-20-2020 02:28 AM

Hi everyone,

Any help for the above problem would be highly appreciated

kennethkarthik 11-23-2020 04:39 PM

Hi Vishav,

Could you help me understand how you want to interact with the keyboard? If you intend to physically collide the hands with your individual 3D keys in the scene, you could use onCollision() events to trigger the text input. Key mapping physical keyboard keys can be done using vizact.onkeydown() functions. Look these up in the documentation for more information. Your steps to set up a virtual keyboard would be to make a 3D model of the keyboard with separate children for each key. You can then as mentioned either use oncollision or set up proximity sensors around each key for input events.

Do let me know if you have any other specifications.


Vishav 11-26-2020 06:44 AM

I want to do it with Tobii 4C eyetracker

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