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nom nom 09-24-2020 12:25 PM

Sound freezes Vizard simulation

After reinstalling my Windows, suddenly the sound play in Vizard causes a quick freezing of the simulation. This occurred in both VR and non-VR settings as well as my own code and the example code (I used the below code from the documentation). I use Vizard 5.

I checked the framerate. The framerate is at 75 Hz, then when the sound is played, it suddenly drops to about 20 Hz for a second then recovers back to 75 Hz. This interference from the sound only occurs in Vizard and not other programs, so I assume this is something related to Vizard.


import viz
import vizact



#add localized sound
duck = viz.addAvatar( 'duck.cfg' )
duckMove = vizact.sequence( [vizact.moveTo([0,1,22],speed=2), vizact.moveTo([0,1,0],speed=2)], viz.FOREVER)

quack = duck.playsound( 'quack.wav', viz.STOP )

vizact.onkeydown( 'q',, viz.LOOP )

I wish I could attach a video, but I guess I can't. Does anyone know why this occurs?

kennethkarthik 10-05-2020 04:56 PM

Hi nom nom,

I'm not able to recreate this issue in Vizard 6. Let me try it out with Vizard 5 and let you know if there's a fix. Until then, feel free to use the Vizard 6 free download to test out your scripts without the frame drops.

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