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durf 05-18-2009 09:46 AM

I have some question regarding ppt x and ppt h. We moved our cameras to a new location. This locations room is bigger then the one we were using before. I am a little confused on what I should use for a bigger room. I know ppt x coverage is good for 10x10x10, but should I switch it to ppt h if I need it to cover more room. I would say this new room is 20x20x40 (height x width x length). If I should use ppt h do I still have the capabilities for tracker ID? If I should use ppt h what do I need to do to make this transition? I am using PPT studio 2008.


durf 05-18-2009 10:02 AM

Nevermind post, I have ppt x for cameras so my max range is 15x15x15 I guess.

mspusch 05-18-2009 11:38 AM

if you have PPT-X cameras, the plugin you need to use is the one for PPT-X.

the ppt-x range is not limited to 15feet, in fact we have customers who use Ppt-x all the way out to some 40 or 50 feet.

functionality in this case simply depends on how well you can control your lighting conditions,

how many points you need to tack (for PPT with Marker-ID or PPT-Mocap, rooms with less than 30feet x 30feet are better).

PPT-H are higher-resolution cameras, and also process the signals on-board, so the signal quality is not dependent on cable length, which is why PPT-H is ideal for really large rooms and/or high-speed tracking (PPT-H is 180Hz!)

hope that makes it clear!

have fun!

lisamarietuck 12-01-2009 09:54 AM

As a Newbie, I am always searching online for stuff that can help me. Thank you for your help.

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