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FlyingWren 04-29-2003 01:40 PM

viz.eyeheight ( )
The command viz.eyeheight does not seem to be working as I expect.

The helpfile says, "Normally, issuing viz.reset(viz.HEAD_POS) will reset the view model to (0, 1.82, 0). The eyeheight command changes the Y value and will affect subsequent resets."

Yet, when I do a reset, whatever I punched into the viz.eyeheight() does not seem to matter; the eye height is effectively set to 0 regardless of what I set to be the eye height previously (plus the position sensor's value, if it's being used).

Am I doing something wrong? Here's my code (minus some formatting that gets lost in this bulletin board):

# [snipped stuff here]

if testing:
viz.go(viz.HMD | viz.STEREO)


# .
# [more code in here, snipped]
# .

def KeyboardFunction(key):
if key == 'r':


as mentioned, pressing 'R' sets my view height to 0 + (position sensor, if used).

farshizzo 04-29-2003 05:22 PM


Would you mind including the portion of your code that uses
the sensor?



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