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krimble 08-14-2007 03:46 AM

Maya + cal3d

Does anyone know how to name the materials in Maya for cal3d export. You have to name them sequentially "mat[0], mat[1], etc". In 3dsmax you can use the "[]" but Maya can't work with the "[]" characters. When I type "[]" maya creates "_ _".

I've found an article where they say that those underscores are fine to use for the material names.
But when I try to export for example the head mesh, I get the message

"invalid material ID found! (\dev\vizard30\cal3d\plugins\src\meshcandidate.cpp 172)".

how can I solve this, it saves me soooo much time when I don't have to use 3ds max.


krimble 08-15-2007 06:51 AM

problem solved, you can use "_ _" in maya. But you have to use "export selection" instead of "export all".

Next problem
Now I've exported all the parts (skeleton, meshes, textures), created a configFile. It was all going very smooth, but when I loaded the configFile into Vizard and ran the script, a error message appeared.

cal3d : Invalid handle as argument in skeleton.cpp(103)
Model::create: ERROR: Can't create a m_model. Most probable reason is that the core doesn't have any data.

What's that??
There're no mistakes in the configFile, I've checked it 10 times! When I open the csf file with a texteditor, I get some text, so there's data in the file...

Please, it saves me so much time when I don't have to export it in 3dsmax.


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