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johnallen 07-25-2014 07:48 AM

how to adjust eye height with vizconnect setup
I've seen the vizconnect tutorials here -|_____1

but I cannot work out how to adjust the eyeheight of the main/default display in code at runtime.

i have a display ('custom_window') attached to a head which sits under the avatar in the scene graph)

I can walk around using the cursor keys and look up/down/around using the mouse but the eye height is fixed.

i'd be interested to know how I can set the default from within vizconnect but primarily I'd like to adjust it in code.


Jeff 07-28-2014 03:46 PM

In Vizconnect, from the Trackers tab click on the Offsets button of a mouse and keyboard tracker that's already been added. Add a post trans y value to change the height value output by the tracker.

In a script that imports the configuration file get a handle to the tracker link and apply the postTrans operation on the link:


trackerLink = vizconnect.getTracker('mouse_and_keyboard_walking').getLink()
#Apply 1 meter post trans offset to Y value

If you want to apply an offset between the view and the avatar, so the view is higher or behind the avatar then the setup would be different. In this case you could insert a group node between the avatar head slot and the display in the scene graph and then change the offset of the group node.

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