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mspusch 07-03-2003 01:15 AM

PPT 1.1 common setup problems
The most common setup problems we've seen when people install the WorldViz PPT 1.1 are:

1. Cameras are reversed: Please make 100% sure that your camera setup fits with the setup shown on the user interface and described in the manual. You can easily see which camera is which by moving your hand in front of it. It is very important that they are arranged correctly in respect to the Work Space Center (the middle of the walking space you want to use).

PPT 1.2 has a new GUI that gives a top-down view of the tracked room with the cameras showing in the appropriate corners, which is much clearer.

2. Cameras are picking up a signal other than the tracking LED:
This is very easy to diagnose: darken the room as you would do for the real experiment and see if there is anything being tracked if the LED is switched off. If there is, you should see it's x and y coordinates under the camera that's picking it up, as well as it's intensity shown as last value. Get rid of all disturbing light sources in the camera's field of view.

This issue is resolved for PPT 1.2 due to new filter systems that work even with daylight (not bright sunlight though).

3. Cameras are picking up reflections of the LED. This is harder to diagnose, but if you made sure there are no other light sources (as described under 2) and the position is still jumping at some areas when moving through your tracking space, reflections may be causing this. Look in the tracking window where the refletions come from and get rid of the reflective material or cover it up.

Again, this issue is resolved for PPT 1.2 with new filter systems.

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