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Yang 02-22-2013 11:43 AM

New error in trying to connect Vizard and Liberty Latus

I am trying to connect Vizard to Polhemus Liberty Latus. I post a thread stating the error messages I received during the process. Then I got a reply with some suggestions (thanks a lot to farshizzo). However, this time I got some new error messages. Below is the detailed information.

First of all, I set up the receptor and marker according to the user manual of Polhemus Liberty Latus. Then I launch a wireless marker successfully using the PiMgr program supplied by the Liberty Latus. The marker can track accurately when run with PiMgr.

Then I turned off PiMgr (according to farshizzo's suggestion), I input the following codes in Vizard according to the user reference in Polhemus Plug-in:

polhemus = viz.add('polhemus.dle')
libertylatus = polhemus.addLibertyLatus(marker=0,receptor=1)

This time I got a dialog box jumped out, saying: An unhandled win32 exception occured in winviz.exe[3712].

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

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