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goro 07-22-2013 09:25 AM

About Sony HMZ-T2
We are working on very primary nvidia GeForce GT 520 which does not support Quad Buffer. We are planning to shift on nVidia Quadro very soon. We have recently purchased Sony HMD HMZ-T2. We have plugged in with provided HDMI and it started working after some general configurations. We have enabled 3d and took nVidia 3D test. We got success in getting feel of depth. We have got two different images on both HMD displays.
The sad part is we are not getting the same with vizard. We are getting same image on both the eyes and making it 2D. We have tried commands like:
import sony
hmd = sony.HMZT2()
viz.go(viz.STEREO_3DTV_SIDE_BY_SIDE | viz.HMD)
viz.go(viz.STEREO_HORZ | viz.HMD)
But had no luck.. :(
We are not able to render Left Eye on Left Display of HMD and Right Eye on Right side display of HMD.
We need urgent help. Please help!
Gaurav Kudalkar

goro 07-23-2013 12:40 AM

It was in HMD Settings. I have selected Side by Side mode and done. Sorry for disturbing.

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