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johnallen 10-30-2017 11:33 AM

Joystick with Rift and Vive

I've checked the forum but can't find an answer to this.

I want to use a joystick for navigation in a maze and use it with either an Oculus rift cv1 or an HTC Vive (or possibly both HMDs (not together :-))
NB each HMD would use their supplied tracking system (ie not PPT cameras)

However I want the direction of movement only to be controlled by the joystick and turning the HMD only to effect the direction of view (but not of motion) i.e. NOT like the vizconnect mouse and keyboard demo where forward is always in the direction you're looking at.

I assume it's going to be relatively straightforward to use vizconnect to create the setup I want but I wanted to check first in case there was any advice?

In particular, is this just the same with both models of HMD? If not, which one is better/easier to use and is there anything in particular I should watch out for?


Jeff 11-14-2017 09:56 PM

From the advanced configuration menu try adding a walking transport with movements mapped to the joystick signals. The wand magic carpet transport which is the default transport in some of the preset configs moves relative to an orientation tracker. The walking transport does not use an orientation tracker.

johnallen 01-15-2018 07:17 AM

forgot to say thanks for this. Got it working after a period of fumbling in vizconnect.

For the record
  1. in the 'inputs' section, add a joystick
  2. In the Transport section, add a new one and select 'walking'
  3. Click the mapping icon for the new walking transport and for each action
    1. If your joystick has a slider, then make sure its in a central position (reading zero) before you continue
    2. from the drop down select joystick (instead of keyboard)
    3. Hold the joystick in the desired position (eg pushed forward) and click the button to the right hand side to assign the input signal
    4. repeat for all the mappings you want to set
    5. Apply and Exit
  4. Make the new walking transport the default one
  5. in the scene graph on the RHS drag the root of the tree just below the old 'main_transport' and drop it under the new walking transport
  6. test it by using the joystick to navigate around the piazza that vizconnect autoloads
  7. save your new vizconnect file

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