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mstan 03-16-2015 05:20 AM

PPT-X tracking space

We are a research institute and have planned to run a study, where we would like to track the position of a moving person (wearing an HMD) in an area of at least 10x10 meters. We already have the Worldviz PPT-X system with 4 cameras. But unfortunately, we have no experience with it and can not quickly run tests with it, since we are still looking for a room that is big enough. So I am really interested in the tracking space with the PPT-X system. I was hoping that someone could tell me which tracking space would be accurately/reliably possible to track with a 4 camera PPT-X system. Do you think a 10x10m tracking space is doable? We do not need (sub-)millimeter accuracy at all, we are fine with an accuracy in the centimeter range (just one or maybe two objects). More important is, that there are no gaps (i.e. areas that can not be tracked) within the 10x10m area. The tech-specs say that 10x10m should be fine with the PPT-X system, but it is unclear to me, how reliable this works and how many cameras we would need for that.

Thank you,

Jeff 03-17-2015 06:15 AM

We'll be in touch with your institution by email to follow up on this.

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