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durf 08-04-2009 09:41 AM

vizard memory error

I keep getting an error that says... The instruction at "0x01cb717d" refrenced memory at "0x0000000f". The memory could not be "written"....

Does anyone know how to solve this issue? To describe what I do with the program goes like this...

I have physics enabled, I have ball objects that roll around on the floor, I hit a keyboard key and that key removes the floor and that balls fall. Then I go on to hit the next key which provide a new set of object to appear and thats where the program crashes. The new objects do not deal with physics.

I can provide code if need be.


farshizzo 08-04-2009 03:56 PM

If you have a short script that reliably produces the error, then that would be helpful.

durf 08-05-2009 07:28 AM

Well I was going to submit the code and change the .wrl files to something that comes along with vizard.. IE box.wrl... but when I ran the program with different animation the message never showed up.

Do you think it is something with my animation(.wrl files)?

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