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vr_boyko 10-05-2004 04:12 PM

Making an avatar speak while performing an idling animation
Hi there,

If I have an agent who is currently performing some type of idling behavior/animation, but I want it to speak on command, how do I do so?

I read about the 'execute' command in VizHelp, that states: "Perform animation 2 once while animation 1 is going" However, I think something about the speak command is incompatible with execute, because I get an 'AttributeError: Action instance has no attribute '__int__''.

If I do write something like:
agent.idle(16) #where 16 is the idling animation
speech = agent.speak(---, ---, ---)

Then the program has to wait until the idling behavior is done until the avatar can speak.

Thanks for your help!

farshizzo 10-05-2004 04:23 PM


You can perform actions simultaneously by adding them to different channels. The default channel is 0. So try adding the speech action to channel 1:


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