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sisun1030 01-05-2010 06:14 AM

PPT Studio - 3 of 4 Cameras not working

I am really new to Vizard / PPT software. I am on my new co-op position and was required to set up 4 PPT-H cameras using the PPT Studio 2008. I hooked the wires for all 4 cameras, and on the PPT Studio sofware, I see 4 boxes on the right, indicating the 4 camera views. However, only 2 of them show black/grey background with the yellow dot indicating light source. The rest two are pure white.

With this, there is an error message : One or more cameras see a light that is not the calibration rig.

Also, at bottom right, there are more error messages:
1) CAVE eyes.dll (plugin requires two markers to be at the specific distance to operate
2) PPT failed to keep up with the PPT-H cameras. Reduce the frame rate or increase the available CPU
3) Intersense.dll (failed to connect to intersense on port 1)

I am currently using two computers with a single monitor, if this is important to know.

Thank you for the help!!!

Jeff 01-05-2010 02:29 PM

The two cameras that are showing up as white need to be activated. Right click and then select Active to use these cameras.

It sounds like you might have some extraneous light in your workspace causing the cameras to see something other than the calibration rig's light. If you turn off the rig and any markers and darken the room do you still see a cross-hair? If so, you need to block out the light causing this or crop out the region of the camera where this light is.

The other errors are a result of having post-process plug-ins loaded without the proper markers or Intersense connected. For now, remove the post-process plugins and get tracking to work properly first.

What version of PPT Studio do you have installed? You can find that under Help --> About PPT. That may explain the "PPT failed to keep up" message.

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