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theuberk 04-22-2008 01:43 PM

Inertiacube 2 problem

Something strange happened today with our inertiacube2. This has never happened before, and the code did not change. The cube is linked to the MainView using and link.setMask.

The problem is that the orientation data seems to be wrong. When standing still initially, the data seems to be fine, but as soon as the cube moves, the data becomes incorrect. For example, when we turn around 180 degrees, the MainView seems to rotate about 200 degrees or sometimes up to 270 degrees.

Another strange thing is that if we stand still after this movement, the cube seems to attempt correct itself (i.e. the MainView rotates without us actually moving) after about 3 - 10 seconds. Sometimes this correction is accurate, and sometimes it is even worse.

Is this a known problem? If so, are there any known solutions? Is there something wrong with our inertiacube? Could this be caused by magnetic interference?

farshizzo 04-22-2008 04:03 PM

Interference could definitely be a cause of this. Have you tried calibrating your InertiaCube using the Calibration Tool that comes with the Intersense installation CD? This tool helps tune your InertiaCube to the interference of your current environment.

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