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victorhe 02-04-2021 02:15 AM

Help with code please!
Hey! Sorry for the very basic question, I am very new with coding and Python.
I've created three tasks, each with their own events that execute a certain sequence of actions/movements for an avatar in my environment.
I am trying to design an experimental trial in which one trial will include 1)AttackPhase 2)WanderPhase 3)Wait - in that order.
How can I write a code for this?

def WanderPhase ():
seq = random.choice([RWanderTask, LWanderTask])
viztask.schedule( seq() )


def AttackPhase():
seq = random.choice([Male_task_front, Male_task_right, Male_task_left])
viztask.schedule( seq() )


def Wait ():
seq = random.choice([Waiting])
viztask.schedule( seq() )


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