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ZarFigma 02-20-2019 04:38 AM

Import of 3d scans
I face a task to create an interactive virtual model of a real building. I am provided of a set of 3d scanners, so I can get very detailed 3d models of the building in general as well as indoor premises. Some of interactive indoor objects will be modeled in SolidWorks but other will be scanned as they are unique. Scan data is to be exported from Artec Studio. Actually the main worries it that this meshes will be too heavy and resource wasting to perform a stable visualization. I came up with idea to posprocess scans in SolidWorks firstly as there is special plugin for it. But... It's definitely not the right choice for the whole building. I'd like to ask what can I use to prepare building model for the virtual model and also some tips for proper export from SolidWorks. Or maybe I'm missing something and it's okey to use 3d scans as they are?

Jeff 02-21-2019 07:39 PM

Take a look at the point cloud integration knowledge base article. You could try testing the scan exports directly in Vizard. Have you tried exporting from Solidworks and if so what was the export file format and framerate when loading in Vizard? If the framerate is low, the performance page explains how to read the render stats and determine what is causing it to drop. If the Solidworks export has a high number of vertices, try enabling the viz.VERTEX_BUFFER_OBJECTS mode on the model in Vizard.

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